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Just fucking blah today. Or the last few days. I got sick my whole last rotation and lost my voice. Slept almost 20 hours the first day I was off work.. And have been greeted by nightmares and eerie fucking feelings every night i try to sleep. Enough so, that after that 20 hour sleep fest.. I’ve slept maybe 9 hours total in the 3 days following.. And woke up this morning from a 3 hour nap in almost a full blown panic attack and when Erick had to go on FaceTime to get ready for work I instantly started crying.
I was then greeted when I left the house to heaviness in the air that made me feel super uneasy and like I was being watched.. And this absolutely creepy dude that kept walking really slow and stopping and seemed so confused about where he was that he even wandered into the cemetery and seemed not to notice, then turned around and started walking back towards me. Fucking weird. And then it seems Erick was drugged at the bar tonight, so my anxiety level is so high right now from lack of proper sleep and all the weirdness I feel like I’m going to puke and then faint.
I really don’t get it universe.. But whatever is wrong with you this last week or so I’m not digging it.